Yerba Mate Green Leaf Tea-Bags 1 lb

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Description: Our Green Yerba Maté is a pure leaf, with little to no stem, warm air dried (smoke-free) and aged for a minimum of 9 months to allow its natural bitter flavor to mellow. Interestingly, the antioxidant power of yerba mate tea seems to be slightly higher than of green tea.

Daily serving size: Pour 8-12 oz of boiling water (212° F) over 1 tea bag. Steep 3-4 minutes.

Packaging: To preserve freshness, aroma, and potency, our 1 lb bulk tea bags are packaged in a polyfoil bag with a re-sealable zipper closure, protecting the contents from light exposure and moisture. There are approximately 270 tea bags per 1 lb bag. (The number of tea bags per bag can vary due to fill weight, type, and cut of herb.) Tea bag size: 2.75” D.

Certified Kosher & Organic