Gunpowder Green Tea 1lb

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Description: A hearty, strong, Chinese Green Tea that is rolled into the shape of small pinhead pellets and was awarded its title because of its resemblance to the pellets used for gunpowder ammunitions during the 17th century. There are many benefits to drinking gunpowder green tea including preventing chronic disease, soothing arthritis, stimulating the metabolism aiding in weight-loss, preventing tooth decay, protecting the heart, lowering blood sugar and improving the appearance of the skin among others. 

Daily serving size: Pour 8-12 oz of simmering water (180° F preferred) over 1 tsp. of tea. Steep 2-3 minutes.

Packaging: To preserve freshness, aroma, and potency, our 1 lb loose teas are packaged in a polyfoil bag with a re-sealable zipper closure, protecting the contents from light exposure and moisture.

Certified Kosher & Organic